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At the AI Robotics Ethics Society,  we focus on educating tomorrow's AI leaders in ethical AI principles to ensure AI is created ethically and responsibly


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Victoria Liu

Victoria is a second year pre-psychobiology major with a minor in global health. She has studied in Australia, Taiwan, and the Bay Area, and is planning to pursue a career in healthcare in the future. Victoria is involved in USAC Office of the President, Care Extenders at Ronald Reagan Hospital, and Residential Life here at UCLA. During her free time, Victoria likes to hike, run, bake, and go on food adventures in LA.




National AIRES was born at UCLA and we were the first collegiate chapter of AIRES. We remain the largest chapter and have many active initiatives which align with AIRES National and our general mission.


AIRES at UCLA is committed to promoting and enhancing THE AIRES MISSION, focusing on educating tomorrow's AI leaders to ensure AI is created ethically and responsibly. As technology advances at an exponential rate, it is imperative that we begin thinking about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will interact with and impact society at different facets of daily life, with the focus on ethical implication and its implementation within A.I. systems. Notably, the development and involvement in AI ethics by students and professionals are relatively nascent.  The foresight of how important it is to regulate AI through the lens of ethical discussion and implementation is of paramount significance within the setting of rapid development of AI and how it has already permeated our daily lives. As such, the AI Robotics Ethics Society was founded in 2018 at UCLA by Aaron Hui to promote the awareness and importance of ethical implementation/regulation of AI.

  • UCLA College and High School level Outreach Programs

  • Beyond the Turing Test Podcast 

  • Organized Career Networking and AI Ethics Awareness Events


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